Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Oil Painting

I used to make a lot of oil pintings when I was in a high school and university but after that I haven't done for a looooong time. ( about seven years....) My first semester at GMU, I am taking an printmaking, oil painting and reserch methodologies. I thought I could study lithography as my main forcus but I had to take other classes.... I was not sure about oil painting because I felt I was done for the oil painting when I changed my course into printmaking at a university. However, when I painted on my canvas, I felt so great and I got my idea that I never think of before. I think sometimes it is better to start something you liked and you used to do, again. The begining might be difficult but I am very sure that once you do, you will remember how to do or just bring your memory back- like painting with your friends and emcourage each other.... This is what I got through my oil painting!


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