Sunday, October 29, 2006


I created this screenprint(top), Atmosphere, over the summer. I like this one because it has very subtle layers and the sense of delicacy. As always, when I printed, I didn't see any colors but gradually, the layers created a strong impact of the color. I could feel it. Also, I believe that this print has the power for people to take a look closer.

On the bottom, I created the print, Alone, after the last summer. I was thinking about the relationship with others because I just came back from my country at that time, and then, in the US, a few important people of my life moved away..... At that moment, I had very difficult time to adjust but I also realized that there were still some people who supported me.
This print has sense of sadness but maybe you feel some hope from the color. I just wanted to create a print that is very honest my feeling.


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