Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Keep Changing

I worked on my big paintings last semester. I used to paint a lot, then, created a thick surface. I liked the way it turned; however, I knew I always lost something from the early stage. Some people responded my painting in that stage. I also liked it because it has more air and my honest marks on the surface but I always thought that if I finished in the early stage, I felt unfinished.

During a graduate seminar, I had a hard critique on my thick painting. Unfortunately, everybody agreed that my painting was overworking, and still unfinished. I didn't agree with them but I wondered myself why people think that way. What is the problem on my painting? I really need to response. Finally, I started a new direction which is less gesture or marks. It was interesting because I spent more time thinking than painting. I had to think a lot because I did not want to loose my airly surface but I also wanted paint. Where should I make a mark? When should I stop? I kept painting a little, and stepping back from a distance to see my painting.

During painting these three, I noticed that I was thinking about less my shape. I actually thinking about space, a huge empty space. Even though I could create a space with a lot of paint, I wanted to follow this new direction. It is spontaneous and unexpected.

I just started my new direction. I am not sure if this is work for me, so I just need to keep painting.......!


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