Saturday, March 03, 2007


This etching is from last year, around this season. I remember I changed my image again and again. Sometimes I feel my etching is not floating, just stay one part. My essential point of my artworks is being presence. I always want my image moving around, then, creating own rhythm and going to my depth.
It is hard to draw my image on the etching because I can not draw like using oil pen or pencil on a paper. I could draw using a needle but I am not good at controlling the tool. So, I decided to work on the etching plate with painterly approach with a brush. Eventually, I see the depth in my image.
My etching is more quiet then any other prints. I wonder because of the color or strong line quality or.... For me, etching is so hard to work on.


  • At 8:24 AM, Blogger kari said…

    Looks great, Mai! Congratulations on getting your blog up and running!

    ~Kari Kraus


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