Monday, September 26, 2005


I was browsing the web-sight "Wikipedia" with English and Japanese last week. Because wikipedia is the encyclopedia, any topics are well-written. I tiped my city, Minato-ku Tokyo, into the blank on wikipedia, then, I found the history, population and what is so famous about my city. Actually, there were more information than I thought and I also could go to other pages and got related information. Of course, some topics didn't have a lot of information but it is because not so common. (but still the page has links.)

As my interest in general, I like watching movies, eating foreign countries food, going to museums and traveling but unfortunately that are not so special. I mean I do love to do that but I don't have nothing to tell or write about...Like people do to the wikipedia. However, if I pick the topic for wikipedia, I can write about "lithography" which is my main study. I know many people are not familiar with this word because whenever I talk about my major, lithography, first response I get is always "what is that?" Many people know about woodcut or etching, but so many people never heard of the word, I guess and it makes me little disappointed...

I think if I can add a little explanation about lithography and the process, some people might get interest and lithography might be more popular.... Or since the lithography's page included any kinds of printmaking(woodcut, etching, silksreen) I can write about bit more, put some links or correct some sentences. I really think if I can do it, it would be great!


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