Sunday, March 30, 2008


On March 29th at National Building Museum, I did my first demonstration for the Cherry Blossom Festival. I really didn't expect to do it on a stage talking through the microphone..... I of course was so nervous because I don't like to talk in front of a lots people and still I am not confident to speak in English. But the end, I realized that I was comfortable and enjoyed to do it!

Recently I have been working woodcut with color. The mark-making is fascinated! I still need to study and explore how to print with water-based ink since I couldn't get a good print using that. Plus, I need to master some printing technique. Using water-based ink, I can create beautiful gradation but it needs to practice. Currently, I barely have time for my art due to my work schedule, but then I realized that if I don't create any works, I would be so frustrated. Art is a part of my life.


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