Saturday, October 15, 2005

Artist Statement for Free Culture Remix

As my class's assignment, I read "Free Culture" by Lawrence Lessig. Reading the book was tough because the book related to Law, like copyright, piracy and intellectual property. I know Law is very significance because our life is protected and safe. However, reading the book, I also found that sometimes some people including young generation (There was an example of a college student case.) are violated by Law. The fact made me very scared. In general, I use the internet without thinking about Law. I was wondering if we really pay attention to Law while using the internet.

For my FCRemix, the idea is vague. I think the book didn't mention what was right. The author described our social situation with recent technology that affected Law. Through my artwork, I wanted to create different feelings and reactions from people with Law. In society, some people are happy, on the other hand, others are not with Law. I printed by silk screen people in very simple and almost same shapes and put some colors that meant feelings. If you look close to my artwork, people's atmosphere are different. A person is happy without any problems, a person is thinking or trying to duplicate something, a person is surffering from Law. People's surface is same but their inside is different. In addition, I also wanted to mention that the people's feelings and situation could be changed suddenly. Some people are happy right now, but we are always not sure how our life affects law. That is why I overlapped some colors.

I didn't put any words on my artwork but I believe my colors will talk what I want to say.


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