Saturday, November 12, 2005


This is my self-portrait...I guess. In my printmaking class, our project was to put any parts of our body into an artwork. I liked the idea a lot, but I didn't want to use my photo which was a flat image since I preferred texture on my artworks.

I think this is slightly different from my previous ones. Maybe I added my current feelings to this piece. I usually think about my memories and create my images into my art. However, I have been thinking what happened in my life recently. This year I experienced so many things including good and bad, and it still continues. I thought why I can draw or paint with my present feelings.

Probably, some people get a sad image from this. Of course, I sometime feel sad because the life is not easy.... But main reason I used the color was I love blue and white. I believe the combination of the colors is perfect, like the sky. Seeing the sky influences my image.


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