Thursday, December 15, 2005


I just finished my first semester yesterday! I am still tired, but feel great! This semester (or I may need to say "this year") was crazy and busy, but unforgettable in my entire life. I also think that this year is the huge transition to be an artist seriously since I have a place where I can create my own artwork. I, of course, studied a lot, but without my parents, family, professors and friends' great help, I am not be able to do that. I really appreciate everybody who supports and encourages me.

I haven't posted anything for a month.... So, I'm going to put my new artwork later. Here is my fifith oil painting. I changed the color a lot and I also thought about the space. Except that, I don't need to mention anything, but I hope people to feel and inspire somehting from the painting.

I'm going to keep creating my own artwork during the break. We will see what's gonna happend next....!


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