Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Silk Screen

Here is my screenprints. I created this(the left one)(
人のバランス)last semester. At this time, I interviewed with two great artists. And I used their techniques on my print. One of the techniques is wax. I put wax on my print after printing. It might be hard to see it, but in the background I used pink, blue and yellow oil ink with wax. I think it is very effective because it gave my print more color. I am very happy with this print.

This is a sequel to the top print(二人のバランス) because I was thinking people a lot. My artwork is usually about composition and color, but through meeting great friends and realizing how people help my life, I needed to express the significance of relationship with my friends. In Chinese character, people(人), needs two lines because people can't consist by one person. I believe this....

This is my self-portrait(自分). One of my class in this semester, I am having a difficult time. Because of the class' assignment, reading and writing each week, I need to spend many time instead of creating my artwork. Even though my classmates, who are Americans, said that the class is extremely tough because we have to read philosophical papers a lot. I should not complain about this, because I am the one who chose to study, but, again, I needed to express how I stuck on an academic class....!



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