Thursday, October 12, 2006

Monks with hope

I usually don't have a political concept for my art. However, after studying from my mother's friend about Tibet, and there was also a great opportunity to take a picture, I wanted to create my image with Tibet.

I took this picture through fence because I wanted this image to show about the situation in Tibet. At the same time, I considered what Dalai Lama said, "compassion for anyone." If you look at monks' faces, they were smiling even though their situation is difficult. Also, the sunlight leads us a hope.

Digital Photo

Seeing a view through the lens is different experience to me. Also, it is very difficult to take the moment because I need to adjust shatter speed or f-stop. Even though I take many photos, I hardly get a good image that I want to.

Here is my favorite photo. One weekend, I went to NY to stay with my mother's friend. I had a very good time with her. The interest thing was a hotel we stayed was also the same one that Dalai Lama and many monks stayed. In fact, there was a Dalai Lama's study at the theater in affiliation with the hotel.

Many people from Tibet wore traditional costume and had white clothes. The people were waiting for Dalai Lama, and I thought their faces were so calm and also their gesture was beautiful.