Friday, September 19, 2008

Metamorphosis Art Fair

This is my 3rd time to join the Metamorphosis! I was very happy to be there to meet and talk with art lovers. Their comment is the huge encouragement and motivation behind my work. I can create my works myself but need to hear general opinions some point. This show is the great opportunity... I can meet not only artists and my friends but also people whom I don't know. Through my works, customers and I talk and share some ideas. Plus, some people ask me questions, which I never think about!

This was my last time to attend the show since I decided to go back to my country.... Changing my visa status was hard for me. I did find jobs but there was no way to proceed my visa. I studied very hard to get my degree and found jobs, and just started my career... If someone can support my visa, I could stay and work. There are jobs in front of me but I just can't work because of my visa... I felt so unfair. But when I was creating my works, I realized that I could do anywhere. It is not that bad if I can't stay here in the US. If I have a strong will, I could be an Artist. Someone told me that my work is cheerful; make people happy. Now my art is the one who cheers me up!