Sunday, October 29, 2006


These are my lithograph. I used to study litho in my country but in my current school in the US, there is no press for the litho. So, I needed to go to other studio to print. Last November, there was a great opportunity to meet one Japanese artist over there. He creates beautiful prints. I learned litho from him again, and we printed together. I was very happy with my prints. I believe since I study screenptint, my litho has subtle layers. My previous litho prints, these were not subtle. I love the subtlety because it creates depth, and also reflect my personality.....

one mylar

I usually use a few mylars to draw for screenprint. This print, Relation, I just used one mylar and exposed many different times. The different time exposure is important for the print because I could get several texture. I liked the texture but I am still not sure about the color, green. In my opinion, green is very difficult to make.... I like the light green but I do not like the dark one. I need to study more color....


I created this screenprint(top), Atmosphere, over the summer. I like this one because it has very subtle layers and the sense of delicacy. As always, when I printed, I didn't see any colors but gradually, the layers created a strong impact of the color. I could feel it. Also, I believe that this print has the power for people to take a look closer.

On the bottom, I created the print, Alone, after the last summer. I was thinking about the relationship with others because I just came back from my country at that time, and then, in the US, a few important people of my life moved away..... At that moment, I had very difficult time to adjust but I also realized that there were still some people who supported me.
This print has sense of sadness but maybe you feel some hope from the color. I just wanted to create a print that is very honest my feeling.