Sunday, June 10, 2007

Recently I've kept away from a lot of colors for my paintings. The reason? My painting became muddy when I used many colors, and I became to like to use particular colors on my canvas. In the beginning, I was doing the same process, same colors and same movement. However, after a few stages, I followed my feeling and put vivid colors. I did not remember what I was doing. One day, I went to my studio and just painted from inner myself. A couple hours later, I realized that my painting became colorful but also had energy. This one needed to be expanded. So, I tried not to destroy this energy. At that time, I thought I was keeping this energy but when I checked the painting from a distance, I realized that my painting lost the energy and became small.... Even though the painting was almost done, I flipped up side down, and kept painting.
My professor kept saying that you should not feel comfortable when you paint. You need to face or create problems, and solve it. I did not understand this meaning for a long time but now I understand what he said. This painting gave me a lot of problems but I faced it and thought about. For a few weeks, I did not touch this painting but finally I finished it. It was a long process but I learned a lot.

I created these paintings in January for my show. You may realize that I deal with a lot of empty space, and also, these look like drawings. Since I was teaching a drawing class at that time, I was thinking about the line quality and positive and negative space. These elements are basic but also significant for my art.
One huge different between last paintings and these paintings is the canvas. I used to use a canvas with jesso but I changed to a raw canvas. I feel the raw canvas creates depth in my image. My subjects are floating or dancing in the space. My professor told me that I was trying to mimic the white color on the paper to my canvas. Even though I was not conscious about that, I automatically used jesso, which is white color.
I was glad that I was brave enough to try the new idea before my exhibition. There is always a risk but we need to take a risk to go through a new stage.