Monday, September 13, 2010

Whether the canvas is big or small doesn't matte!

These are my favorite. The blue painting is from my exhibition 2009 and the green painting was too. However, you may not remember the green one because I re-painted and created different image on it.

I used to make heavy thick paintings and sometimes it became too muddy. So, I know I must be careful not making too sloppy. I have to decide when the painting should be done.

The size of these paintings is F8(45.4×38.0cm). It's not big but I spent lots time with them to paint, think and see from the distance. Maybe some people think a bigger painting is harder to create than small one. Physically, yes it is hard. Think about, before painting, getting some wood blocks for making frames at Home Depot and taking a bus with them..... This is my experience and I DO NOT want to do this anymore.....! However, if the canvas is there, I believe whether the canvas is big or small doesn't matter. It is still the same amount of work.

I hope I can keep making good quality work!

Like my prints.....

These are from my exhibition in 2009. I can't believe it has been a year from my first exhibition and I felt bad because I haven't posted anything since then.....

Like my prints, these paintings are subtle. I used thin layers of paints again and again and created vague atmosphere. I was just thinking about the space and depth, not obvious shape.

It might be hard to tell what I mentioned since the photos are so poor, but I hope you can feel it!


I painted these two this spring for my wedding. At that time, there were no title and I even didn't take a look at these ones since I was so busy for the wedding! After the big event of my life, I have been looking at my paintings and finally came up to the titles. On the left is "Moment", and the right is "Meeting".

I guess these reflect my feelings!