Monday, December 03, 2012


I am in the group exhibition, Printsaurus.
DATE:Dec. 3rd through 8th.  PLACE:Art Space Eumeria  TIME:11:00-19:00(The last day is until 17:00) Map is here.  
There will be a lot of small prints by many artists, and on the last day, there will be a print demonstration!! Please join us!

期間:12月3日〜8日 場所:ユーメリア 時間:11:00ー19:00(最終日は17:00まで) 地図はこちら 。

마지막 날 토요일 저는 갤러리에 있습니다. 잘 부탁합니다.

The 57th CWAJ Print Show

I was in a juried exhibition in Oct. It was a well-organized show, and you would have been surprised by a huge variety of prints. My print is lithograph and I would like to put the photo, however, I haven't taken yet. Fortunately, if you go to the site, you can see my image here.

I know they weren't talking about my work but their behind, my ovals are spinning! I was very surprised when I found this image out and also so glad. Now I am working on my woodcut but I hope to make more lithographs, too.


この写真の人達は私の作品について話している訳ではないのは百も承知ですが、この方たちの後ろで私の楕円は回転しています。この写真を見つけたとき、驚きつつもとっても嬉しかったです。 現在、木版画に取り組んでいますがもっとリトグラフを制作するのもいいかな、と思っています。