Monday, May 08, 2006

Big Paintings

The left painting is the biggest painting. The size is 6 feet by 6 feet. The end of this semester, I made the flame even though I barely had time. I think that somehow I could get huge energy if I became intense. The busyness, sadness and loneliness made me so strong, and it influenced to my art.
I was thinking about my friendship a lot this semester. Usually my art is about my shape, ellipse, and composition, but recently the shape became human figure to me, and they are having a conversation.
Actually, this idea came from my print. My art, print and oil painting always affect each other even though the materials are different. I believe that keep studying both is important.

Screenprints (Conversation II III)

I am happy with this prints. I like the way my subject and background engaged each other, and there is a interesting space between them. Moreover, I printed different colors. I usually print with color except black,
but in the bottom print, I printed with black in the beginning, then printed with white. I think this is very successful because my print seems to come out from the paper, and I feel the print is more painterly.
I always thought black is too strong for my art, but since I know how to layer colors, I would like to try using black.