Friday, May 11, 2012


I should have put this image before gala-x-sea and others since I made "picnic" before "gala-x-sea". I like this image because it reminds me cherry blossoms, a brisk sky and Spring. It is actually the image for my business card. If you would like to use one of my images, please send me a e-mail!
After I made gala-x-sea and sky, I created these two. People who has known my work for years did say my art changed a lot. I think specially these two have strong color compare to my old prints. When I see this image, I feel I should try to make a print using just Black. Someday I will cake it.....!

gala-x-sea(upper) & gala-x-sky

I made these two prints last year. These are for my solo exhibition, and especially I used the blue image for my postcard. I wanted to use "black ink" for a layer since I always avoid the color. I used to think Black for my print is too strong and it would destroy my subtle layer. I believe my work has atmospheric quality and tissue of color would make this atmosphere. I knew Black is the most strong and powerful color so that it wouldn't work for my print but I also didn't know how to use Black onto my work. However, when I worked this print, I pushed myself to a different direction; using dark colors. First, I printed with raw umber. I always like my first color but unfortunately for this time, I had no idea what I was doing. So I quickly printed with light blue using a same plate onto new papers. (That's how I started to make two images.) Even though I didn't have any confident for my new direction, I had to do it because the show was coming. I was thinking which color would be good with raw umber.... and then, "It is Black!!". I printed with Black and I still didn't feel good, however, the third color, cobalt blue, really worked. I think this three colors complement each other. I also like to see both images(slightly different, though). It is a good research and it actually leads to other prints.