Sunday, April 16, 2006

Green Etching

This etching print is one of my favorite, and it will go to my parents. When I started this etching, I made a huge mistake on plate. My plate had false bite, which left very tiny dots, everywhere. So I had to scrape out a lot. I was very dissapointed with the mistake, but after scraping, the mark of false bite turned better. In fact, I like the effect of the bite because it gave my plate much depth and movement.


Color Etching

These are my color etching prints. These three prints are created by two plates. On the left, I printed three times using two plates, but I actually flipped one of the plates. Because of that, the prints got depth. I know that the registration was off, but I like the way it is. Also, my shapes are very simple, but I can see that they are floating in my space.

Before I created three color etching prints, I done two colors flipping one of the plates. I remembered it was an accident because I didn't pay attention the direction of my plate a lot, then it just happened. Printmaking has a lot of indirect process, for me it is very hard to imagine what looks like after printing. However, I like the good accident.



These are my etching prints from the last semester. This(on the left) is my second etching at my school. Actually I did the first one during the last semester, but I didn't like it.... Then I started the second. I haven't done many etching plates but I learned a lot from Jake, who is also a graduate student. This print has two colors, which are black and blue, and I liked how I put the colors. Also I enjoyed creating this plate because this was sort of my experimentation, and I found many interests on my etching.

This etching relates with my screenprint because at that time I was wondering if I created my artwork on the different printing materials. I can't say which is better, but I think I like to create with colors.